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ID Requirements & Cashless Payment Systems

ID Requirements

As a part of the recent changes in legislation regarding the trading of scrap metal, we require identification from all suppliers of scrap metal material, that are not registered companies. Suitable identification should be one of the following:

  1. UK photocard driving licence (including address) or
  2. UK Passport or original passport of any nationality supported by a current utility bill (not more than 3 months old) as proof of address

Cashless Payments

At Chas B Pugh (Walsall) Ltd we understand the importance of prompt payment for metal material supplied and we, therefore, offer a number of swift payment solutions:

  1. Cheque payment; we will be able to provide a cheque on delivery of material
  2. Bank "Fasterpay" payment; provide your bank account sort code and account number and we will immediately transmit funds to that account and, subject to your own bank being part of the "Fasterpay" system your funds will be in your account almost immediately.
  3. Visa Debit card "credit" system; if you have a Visa Debit card we will process your card in the same way it would be done if you were making a purchase in a shop only we will credit your bank account with your funds similarly to a refund. You will be provided with a transaction receipt and funds will reach your account within 24 hrs.
  4. Other payment mechanisms are available including to overseas accounts if required (charges may apply).


Cheque Cashing Facilities


Chas B Pugh (Walsall) Ltd now have cheque cashing facilities on site should you require cash in exchange for your cheque payments, using Cheque Exchange.

In order to make use of the cheque cashing facilities we would require ID on your first visit, after that no further ID is required. ID for Cheque Cashing is needed in two parts: firstly a photo ID such as a Passport or Photo Driving licence and secondly a utility bill, such as a council tax bill, energy bill or similar.

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