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We Sell Ferrous Metals

Chas B Pugh (Walsall) Ltd are processors of all grades of metals in particular ferrous grades suitable for steelworks and for foundries.

With gun burning and manual shear capabilities on-site we are able to supply high-quality clean foundry grade material such as:

Short Profile (Sheared)

Short Profile (Heavy)

Short Constructional Steel

Low Residual Clippings/ Punchings

Cast Iron

Broken Cast

Cylinder Iron (Brake Discs)

Pinhead Punchings

Cast iron Borings

We also supply foundry grade limestone and other products as required.

We have a large capacity auto shear on-site which enables us to process general scrap steel and so can offer :

HMS 1&2 grade Material



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Chas. B. Pugh (Walsall) Ltd is a metal recycling business initiated by Charles Bryer Pugh in 1919 as a gas coke and breeze supplier to industries in the Black Country. This was after he had been a furnace man in a Sheffield ironworks in his early days and Director & Secretary of a substantial foundry near Walsall...

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